Painting with Watercolour - David Howell


Painting with Watercolour

Artist: David Howell
Language: English
Format: Paperback Book
Price: £16.99 (Inc VAT where applicable)

Watercolours are the first choice for many painters, but few master the full potential of the medium. This book encourages you to be bold and colourful. Written by an internationally respected artist and teacher, it offers practical ways of working with watercolours, and shares ideas and thoughts that can make your painting methods more exciting and adventurous. With over 180 illustrations, it is a beautiful book that will be invaluable for both new and experienced painters alike.

This book is also available packaged with David’s DVD "Just Watercolour". More info here...

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In his introduction to Painting with Watercolour, David Howell writes: "Painting isn't meant to be easy and watercolour can offer more than a few challenges but it is deeply satisfying if you get it somewhere about right". Based on 70 years' experience of watercolour painting, David gives us an insight into the practical ways of working with the medium to ensure that your work is lively, painterly and constantly moving forward. Materials are comprehensively covered, including paint boxes and palettes, brushes and paper. Information on drawing and sketching, composition and colour are interspersed with David's beautiful and inspiring watercolours. Separate chapters covering landscapes, marine subjects and townscapes follow, each with a short demonstration, and the book closes with a chapter on ways to put life into your paintings.
THE ARTIST - September 2017

This thorough survey of classic watercolour techniques teaches by example rather than demonstration. It is a book to read rather than work through and experienced artists will welcome it all the more for that. There is a slant to the subject matter and in this case it is buildings and water. This does, however, encompass a good variety and includes coastal scenes, boats and the figures that people the settings. David Howell’s style could best be summed up as wash-and- granulation, which he explores and exploits to the maximum. Observations from someone who is a consummate master of their method are always worth reading, and this is no exception. While the text includes technical information where it is needed, the main emphasis is on the creative process the message rather than the medium.

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