Five Steps to Watercolour - Amanda Hyatt


Five Steps to Watercolour

Artist: Amanda Hyatt
Language: English 90 Mins
Format: PAL DVD
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Amanda has been a professional artist for twenty five years and is recognised as an outstanding watercolourist and oil painter. In this film she paints watercolours in the beautiful scenery of Lake Como in Italy. Inspired by the views of the lake and surrounding snow clad mountains she paints in several lakeside villages as well as from high above the town of Como. Working on large sheets of watercolour paper, her confident brushstrokes capture the light and mood of her subjects, which include buildings, boats, water and reflection

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THE ARTIST - December 2011

Review by Oliver Lange

Although the winter in the UK is not the best time for plein-air painting, there is much that can be done in the studio in preparation for such work and so lead to a more confident approach in the future. Amanda Hyatt's forte is plein-air painting in watercolour on a very large scale and with a more expressionist technique. In Five Steps to Watercolour she encourages us not to be daunted by scale and complex subjects, but instead aim for bold treatment, vigorous brushwork and our own interpretation.

Amanda paints five large watercolours inspired by the scenery around Lake Como, in Italy. She stresses five key qualities to focus on in painting: composition, colour, tonal values, mood and pulling it all together. This is big, bold plein-air painting at its best.

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Pam Wilcock 15-Jul-2011
Just a note of appreciation- I have had a delicious day reliving two weeks of painting with Amanda Hyatt in Lake Como and Venice, when I watched your DVD. She is so expressive and vigorous, and the places were so magical, all of which your team captured.
 (10/10)  Submitted by: Win HenstockWhenstock 25-Dec-2012
i like your loose style. You captured Como as I saw it when I Visited there.

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