Developing your Watercolours - David Bellamy


Developing your Watercolours

Artist: David Bellamy
Language: English 60 mins
Format: PAL DVD
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Filmed in mid Wales, David suggests how to put a sense of mood into our paintings. He shows us how to search out the optimum viewpoint whilst sketching, finding a wide variety of subjects: a wonderful old Welsh farm, sheep at a feeder, a bridge, a bubbling stream, a study of a tree and even a street scene. He then selects the sketch of the bridge from which to paint a finished watercolour in his studio.

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Developing watercolours David Bellamy is an enigma. Judging by this video, he seems to prefer to be on the wet side of damp! He has a vast following and his books and videos are inevitably best sellers. I am sure that this video Developing your Watercolours will be no exception.

Via several demonstrations he shows how to go about translating the landscape into pencil and watercolour sketches. All the advice given is sensible and clearly delivered with great enthusiasm.

His sketches, particularly those made solely in pencil, are excellent and lively, distilling all the necessary information to work from later. As the title of the video suggests, these are then used to create finished watercolours, painted in the studio.

If Bellamy's idiosyncratic style of painting appeals to you then you will enjoy the way he turns the sketches into paintings. Although, as Bellamy himself says, the controlled paintings often lack the spontaneity of the sketches.

I like the way the camera switches from the subject to the sketch and, in the studio work, from the sketch to the painting. However, some of the camera angles used when he is working in his sketchbook make the drawings look odd and, as the book is hand held, there is quite a lot of movement which is irritating when trying to keep up with the drawing. I know that the camera had to take what angle it could but, perhaps, the provision of a firm support under the book would have improved the presentation.

This 60 minute video is entertaining, a good learning experience for beginners/ improvers and a worthy addition to APV's range of art videos.
THE ARTIST October 1998

Developing Your Watercolours by David Bellamy

It's helpful for all artists to paint outside occasionally and, of course, absolutely essential for the landscape painter. While it isn't always practicable to paint the final picture on the spot, it is necessary to work from actual location sketches and I can think of no better tutor for this sort of approach than David Bellamy. In this instructive and enjoyable video he shows how to choose good viewpoints, perhaps considering more than one view of a scene, and how to work in a variety of sketching media. From his variety of sketches he selects a study of a bridge to demonstrate and develop as a finished watercolour back in the studio.

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