Video On Demand Titles

We are currently making our catalogue of films available ONLINE for On Demand viewing (see below). The service is hosted and provided by Vimeo. Once you have purchased a film from our On Demand channel you can stream it any time from your Mac or PC, mobile device (smart phone/ipad/tablet) and smart TV. You can also download and watch the films OFFLINE through the Vimeo app on any Apple mobile device.

Do I need to create an account with Vimeo?

Yes you will. This is free and is a quick and simple process. More info...

How do I purchase films?

This is done via the Vimeo On Demand page, using a debit/credit card or PayPal. If you click on the “Buy On Demand” link here on the APV Films website you will be directed to the APV Films “On Demand” page on Vimeo where you can watch the trailer and buy the film.

How do I watch my purchased films?

You can watch your purchased VOD films on your computer or your device by logging into the Vimeo website and navigating to the ‘library’ link. To watch on your device through the Vimeo app, follow the ‘watch later’ link in the playlist. To watch on your TV you will need an internet enabled TV or suitable connection to a streaming device such as Apple TV. More info...

Can I download a video for offline viewing on a tablet or phone?

Yes, but only on the Vimeo IOS (Apple) app at present. Vimeo are looking to implement it on their Android app soon. In order to view offline, you need to download the Vimeo app to your Apple device from the app store. Your purchased films will automatically be stored in your “watch later” list in the playlist. Tap on the ellipsis next to the film you want to offline and tap “Make available offline”
More instructions here...

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Only show titles available to rent

APV Films Masterclass

APV Masterclass - Watercolour Landscape - David Taylor
Buy on Demand £4.99
The Big Picture - Herman Pekel & Joseph Zbukvic
Buy on Demand £4.99
Another Big Picture - Herman Pekel & Joseph Zbukvic
Buy on Demand £4.99
APV Masterclass - Pastel Trees - Maxwell Wilks
Buy on Demand £4.99
APV Masterclass - Pastel Landscape - Maxwell Wilks
Buy on Demand £4.99
APV Masterclass - Watercolour Townscape - Ross Paterson
Buy on Demand £4.99
APV Masterclass - Oil Townscape - Ross Paterson
Buy on Demand £4.99
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